Trent Hoppe President

My name is Trent Hoppe, and I am a junior Computer Science major from Bellevue, Nebraska. I am honored and humbled to be serving our chapter as president for 2018. This is a wildly exciting time to be a part of PIKE at the University of Nebraska and I cannot wait to see what this remarkable group of young men are able to achieve throughout the course of this year. Before being elected to this position, I served as the External Vice President. This position allowed me to facilitate the brothers in the growth of the PIKE brand at UNL. I also served as Secretary freshman year, which enabled me to be the voice on the executive council for the younger members of the fraternity.

Outside of PIKE, I am a member of the Jeffrey S. Raikes School of Computer Science and Management, a multi-disciplinary honors program that emphasizes the blend of technology and business. I also serve on Nebraska Dance Marathon’s executive team as the Technology Director. Dance Marathon is UNL’s largest philanthropy that benefits the Children’s Hospital and Medical Center in Omaha. I’ve held internship positions as a software developer for an e-commerce company called Spreetail and as a mobile software developer for Mutual of Omaha. This upcoming summer I will be doing a software development internship in Seattle, Washington for Microsoft at their headquarters. Outside of classes, work, and involvements, I enjoy playing soccer, working out, listening to music, and hanging with friends.

Joining PIKE is one of the best decisions I have ever made. PIKE has given me incredible lifelong friendships and too many stories to count. One of the things that I love most about our chapter is the constant battle for self-improvement. I take a lot of pride in the fact that PIKE never settles. We challenge each other to come up with original ideas and never stagnate. This dynamic attitude is electric and is what pushes us forward. Watching PIKE grow as a chapter every semester since I have been at Nebraska has me fired up about what the future holds for us.

If you have questions for me or wish to reach out to the chapter, feel free to send me an email at and I will get back to you as quickly as possible.

In the bonds,

Trent Hoppe

Gamma Beta President

Liam Carroll Internal Vice President
My name is Liam Carroll and I am a violin performance major on the pre med track from Overland Park, Kansas. I serve as our chapter’s Internal Vice President and oversee all of PIKE’s internal chairs and operations. This previous year, I served as the chapter’s Corresponding Secretary.

Outside of PIKE, I am involved in the University Symphony Orchestra, the University Honors Program, the University of Kansas Health System shadowing program, and the University Health Center Student Advisory Board. My diverse involvements
as well as my diverse areas of studies have allowed me to get to know a broad group of talented and motivated people from many different backgrounds, as well as the opportunity to improve myself and the world around me in many different ways. Outside of classes and involvements, I enjoy working out, playing basketball, listening to music, and spending time with friends.

My time in PIKE has been extremely formative. I have enjoyed every minute of it because I am surrounded by such great men who want to do everything possible to improve themselves and the fraternity. Within PIKE I have experienced great challenge, great success, and most importantly, I have made lasting friendships. I take great pride in this
organization, and will do everything in my power to make sure that its success grows, and is sustained for years to come.
Vinny Malene External Vice President
What's up! My name is Vinny Malene, and I'm a sophomore actuarial science major hailing from Omaha, NE. I currently serve as Pike's External Vice President and have previously served as Special Events chair. As EVP, I oversee any external operations of the chapter: public relations, philanthropy, merchandise, or otherwise.
Outside of Pike, I've found a home in ASUN Student Government, serving as a co-director for Freshman Campus Leadership Associates as of this writing. I also serve as a senior counselor for Nebraska Human Resources Institute and volunteer for Launch Leadership, a local nonprofit that facilitates leadership training for high schoolers.
Pike was the exact fraternity that allowed me to surround myself with brilliant, high-achieving young men. Seeing my brothers achieve in their respective campus roles--as senior honorary members of Innocents Society, Mortar Board, and Omicron Delta Kappa; vice presidents of Dance Marathon; or presidents of Fraternity Council or University Program Council--has challenged me to engage with campus activity. I'm excited to see how we continue to build this outstanding chapter and recruit the most best men.

Jacob Carter Treasurer
‚ÄčMy name is Jacob Carter and I am a junior Actuarial Science student from Omaha, Nebraska. I am the current Treasurer of the Gamma Beta chapter; this year marks my second term in the position. After spending three years in this chapter, I am confident in saying that joining PIKE has been the best decision that I have made during my time in college. This chapter has molded me into the man I am today and provided me with the resources and insight to be successful in every facet of life. Prior to being elected to this position, I served as the chapter’s Corresponding Secretary and helped develop the current draft-style academic incentive program. Outside of PIKE, I am involved in the Nebraska Human Resources Institute, Teammates Mentoring, the Clifton Strengths Institute, and the Big Event. Currently, I work as a tutor in the UNL Athletics Department and am extremely excited to intern for Lincoln Financial Group this coming summer.
Jake Modica Secretary
My name is Jake Modica and I am a sophomore Marketing major from Naperville, Illinois. In addition to serving as the current Secretary, I am also a member on the Campus Recreation Advisory Council and a sports director for the Iron N. Being from out of state, I decided not to rush my first semester. Upon meeting the men of PIKE, I knew I had found an organization that would push me to be the best I could be. Joining PIKE was the best decision I have made in my college career, and I have so much that I owe to PIKE. This fraternity has helped me meet lifelong friends, and molded me into the man I am today. I'm looking forward to this year to serve as the Secretary of this great chapter.
Connor Ballard Recruitment Chairman

My name is Connor Ballard. I am the current Recruitment Chair o Pi Kappa Alpha here at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. I am currently a sophomore studying Marketing with an emphasis in science in hopes to follow my dream into pharmaceutical sales. I have served on the athletics and recruitment committee prior to my current term as the recruitment chairmen. PIKE has changed my life in so many ways and in all honesty, I would not be the man I am today without coming into this great organization. We are men of integrity and honesty and hold ourselves to the highest standard. Our success is a result of our outstanding members and our drive to better ourselves, our community and our campus. I am dedicated to my fraternity and am also apart of the Nebraska Human Resource Institute and am the head of a team for am dedicated to raising funds for Dance Marathon and for childhood cancer as I once battled cancer myself alongside my brother and am 13 years remission. I know that the men of PIKE will always be there for me and that my brothers will always have my back. I am excited for the opportunities that this organization has in store for me and for many others and I envision continuous success of our great chapter.

Jared Noetzel Vice President of Membership Development

My name is Jared Noetzel, and I am a sophomore Psychology Major on the Pre-Med track with minors in Chemistry, Biology, Humanities in Medicine, and Music, from Omaha, NE. Joining Pike was one of the best decisions in my life, and has made the most out of my college career thus far, and I am sure that trend will continue not only for the rest of my college experience but for the remainder of my life as well. As Vice President of Membership Development, I will be overseeing the educators of the chapter including New Member Education, as well as the presenters for the other members of the fraternity. I hope to create meaningful and engaging lessons that will be useful and impactful to all members involved.

Outside of Pike, I am involved with the Honors Program as a Peer Mentor Leader, and a member of the Honors Program Student Advisory Board. Outside of the Honors Program, I serve as a “Make the Magic” coordinator on the Camp Kesem executive board, a Senior Counselor for Nebraska Human Resources Institute, a member of the Cornhusker Marching Band, a Research Assistant for the Vision, Attention, Memory, and Perception Lab, a Teaching Assistant for the Chemistry Department, and I am on Operations staff for both Dance Marathon and The Big Event at UNL. This past summer I studied abroad in South Korea and I hope to return again in the near future.

Ty Sarvis Health and Safety Officer
My name is Ty C. Sarvis, I am a sophomore political science student from Omaha, Nebraska. I have been appointed to serve as our chapters Chairman of Health and Safety for the 2018 term. When I came to UNL my focus was completely oriented on my acceptance into the Officer Candidates School for the United States Marine Corps, of which I am now a partially trained Officer Candidate. I am a first-generation college student, so I was unsure of what joining a fraternity would really mean for me. My understanding of the Greek community, like most, was dictated by the various stereotypes I had heard pertaining to Greek life. However, as I worked through my first semester I quickly realized that nothing could have been further from the truth. The standard to which men in the Greek community were held clearly distinguished them from their peers throughout campus, and there was nowhere this was more apparent than among the friends I had made in PIKE. I ended up rushing PIKE in the spring semester of my freshman year and can honestly say that it is the best decision I’ve made during my college career, to have an entire chapter at your back at all times pushing you to get better is an advantage that you could scarcely gain anywhere else. I have gained greater and more lasting friends than I ever could have asked for.

As far as my involvement on campus, I mentioned previously I’m an Officer candidate in the United States Marine Corps and I am seeking my commission upon my graduation from UNL. I graduated my first increment of Officer Candidates School in the summer of
2017, and will return for further training my senior year. I was selected to be a peer mentor in the Veteran and Military Success center where I help veterans and military dependents find involvements on campus which help them through their college careers. Additionally, I work as a strength training and conditioning employee at the campus recreation center.

I will be charged with creating a culture in our fraternity which is conducive to the success and well being of its members and I look forward to watching after the members of PIKE and their welfare in this coming term. We have experienced extensive success as a chapter will without a doubt continue to do so for 2018 and beyond.
Brandon Frates Sergeant-at-Arms

My name is Brandon Frates and I will be serving as the Sergeant-at-Arms for 2018. I am a sophomore Accounting and Economics double major from Murdock, Nebraska. As the Sergeant-at-Arms I am tasked with heading the Judicial Board, maintaining order within meeting, and managing all things pertaining to ritual. I am especially looking forward to improving the chapter’s knowledge of ritual, and working with New Members along their path to Initiation.

Outside of PIKE, I have been a Clifton Strengths Coach through the College of Business, a Peer Mentor for Emerging Leaders Scholarship recipients, and a member for the IFC’s Emerging Leaders Program. I am confident in saying that joining PIKE has been the best decision I’ve made during my time in college and I’m excited to see what we are able to accomplish this year.