Letter From The Rush Chairman

Pi Kappa Alpha is rooted in the concept of what are known as the four Pillars of Pike: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and Gentlemen. We strive to recruit well-rounded and motivated men who exemplify these four values and will benefit from the experiences, opportunities, and personal development our Fraternity has to offer.

Simply put, Pike strives for the ideal Fraternity experience. On the University of Nebraska-Lincoln's campus, Pike maintains a legacy of intramural athletic excellence, a great GPA, and a dynamic social calendar. Our Brothers can be found contributing to local charities through innovative fundraising events, leading teams to victory on the athletic field, running student organizations, making critical decisions within the University administration, managing community service projects, and above all else, always trying to better themselves while treating others with dignity and respect. Our Chapter is composed of ambitious men motivated to face all challenges and conquer any obstacles on the way to achieving their goals.

By joining Pike you will make lifelong friends, establish yourself in a well-connected social circle, and participate in experiences that will forever change your life. If you are interested in learning more about our chapter, feel your beliefs and values align with our Fraternity, or simply have questions about the Rush process, please feel free to contact me. I strongly encourage you to come out and RUSH PIKE!

We encourage and appreciate any recommendations for potential young men who you think would be good for Pike. Contact Austin Hoffman with any recommendations or questions about events.

Austin Hoffman, Rush Chairman
(402) 660-5440