Letter From The Rush Chairman

Pi Kappa Alpha is built on what are known as the four Pillars of Pike: Scholars, Leaders, Athletes, and
Gentlemen. We strive to recruit well-rounded and motivated men who exemplify these four values and
will benefit from the experiences, opportunities, and personal development our Fraternity has to offer.

Pike offers a diverse network of men from all corners of the University. Pike takes pride in promoting the
value of Individual growth to propel the chapter forward as a whole. We all work hard to better
ourselves and each other. This in turn allows us to excel in Athletics, Academics, and Community service
year in and year out. Our devotion and hard work have not only been recognized by University of
Nebraska Fraternities, but have placed us among the top Pike chapters in the nation.

On a more personal level, Pike has played a huge role in making me the man I am today. Associating
myself with these guys has driven me to push myself out of my comfort zone, and to be the best man I
can be. It has given me strong friendships that I would not trade for the world. Overall, it has helped me
maximize my college experience, and I know it has for many men before me. I strongly urge freshmen
and sophomores to consider Greek life and Pike, for it can be a priceless experience.

We encourage and appreciate any recommendations for potential young men who you think would be
good for Pike. Contact Michael Ilg with any recommendations or questions about events.

Michael Ilg, Rush Chairman